Hi and welcome!


My name is Mark Schütz. I’m born and raised in Vlissingen, a small place in the province of Zeeland in the South West of the Netherlands.


At this website I want to share with you two passions that I have: traveling and photography. Ever since I was young I have been amazed by the world. Always wondering about the beauty earth contains. It amazes me that we have so many beautiful and unique animals on our precious planet. The wonders of the different landscapes keep surprising me every time I step out of the door to explore a new place. My traveling has been filled with unique encounters with kind people from different cultures, nationalities, and religions.


I believe there is nothing more precious than having the opportunity to explore and experience the world. To step outside of my comfort zone and see new places, whether this is drowning myself in a different culture, losing myself in the beauty of an encounter with an animal or meeting a kind heart somewhere on the planet where I have a conversation with that I will never forget. The second best thing, that gives me a thrill when it works out the way I have seen it, is capturing those experiences and feelings in an enchanting picture. Freezing a moment forever. 


Take a look at my website and I hope that my pictures may share some of the beauty of what I have seen.