Hi and welcome!

My name is Mark Schütz. I’m born and raised in the beautiful province of Zeeland in the South West of the Netherlands.

I have two passions in life where this website is about, traveling and photography. Ever since I was young I have been wondering and dreaming about the world. I was and still am intrigued by nature in all aspects, but especially the animals living on our precious planet. The wonders of the different landscapes keep surprising me every time I step out of the door to explore a new place.

There is nothing more beautiful than being in the moment and enjoying nature. The second best thing is capturing those experiences and feelings with a camera. By sharing those pictures I hope to be able to share these feelings and moments that touch hearts and bring a little positivity. It is more important than ever that we all start caring a little more about our planet earth. She can use all of the attention she needs in the battle against overpopulation and all the problems resulting from that.

Take a look at my website and I hope that my pictures can inspire you!

Warm greetings,